This is the month when Sarajevo remembers the XIV Winter Olympic Games, which were held in Bosnia and Herzegovina's capital city (February 8-19, 1984).


It's for this reason that February is a month when you should definitely visit the Olympic Museum of BiH, where mementos related to the organization of this very important sporting competition are kept. The old museum was hit by grenades and set aflame during the war, so the museum is now located in the same building as the Olympic Committee of BiH, which is part of the Zetra Sports Complex.
February is also the coldest month of the year and usually sees significant snowfalls, so we recommend that you visit the mountains around Sarajevo, as this is where many events were held during the XIV Winter Olympic Games. These Sarajevo Olympic beauties offer visitors many opportunities to enjoy activities in the snow, along with an idyllic winter atmosphere.
The International Festival of Sarajevo – Sarajevo Winter (Zima) starts this month, with many different and very interesting cultural events, along with the participation of renowned local artists and very attractive international artists.