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  1. Sarajevo International Guitar Festival

    Sarajevo International Guitar Festival

    APRIL Sarajevo International Guitar Festival has a continuous tradition of nourishing art music in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was established in 2011, by the Association of Guitarists in... More

  2. Sarajevo Poetry Days

    Sarajevo Poetry Days

    Sarajevo Poetry Days are happening in autumn. International literary event Sarajevo Poetry Days was launched in 1962 to preserve and improve the aesthetic and ethical sta... More

  3. Sarajevo Ramadan Festival

    Sarajevo Ramadan Festival

    24 APRIL - 23 MAJ Sarajevo Ramadan Festival which is happening during the month of Ramadan, aims to present lovely Ramadan customs and the richness of Islamic arts and culture. More

  4. Sarajevo Rock Fest

    Sarajevo Rock Fest

    AUGUST Sarajevo Rock Fest is happening during the Sarajevo Film Festival at the Underground Club. More

  5. Sarajevo Summer Market

    Sarajevo Summer Market

    23. JULY - 25. AUGUST The Sarajevo Summer Market – a promotional bazaar that showcases authentic local products – will be set up at Veliki park (across  BBI center) and will run from&nb... More

  6. Sarajevo Winter

    Sarajevo Winter

    FEBRUARY 7 - MARCH 21 One of Sarajevo's most important cultural festivals is the Sarajevo International Festival – Sarajevo Winter, which is held every year from February 7 to March 21. More

  7. Sonemus Fest

    Sonemus Fest

    Sonemus Fest is a festival that hosts local and foreign musicians-soloists, chamber orchestras and ensembles performing contemporary artistic music and organises their concerts and... More