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  1. Garden of Dreams

    Garden of Dreams

    AUGUST 13 - 15 In recent years, the Garden of Dreams franchise has been a synonym for the series of popular parties with shows by stars from the electronic music scene, and the first edition of i... More

  2. GuitarUnited - Guitar Fest Sarajevo East

    GuitarUnited - Guitar Fest Sarajevo East

    OCTOBER 31 - NOVEMBER 3: GuitarUnited - Guitar Fest Sarajevo East was founded with an aim of promotion and growth of the art of the guitar and music in general, through gathering and interplay of the perfo... More

  3. Ilidža Rock Fest

    Ilidža Rock Fest

    SEPTEMBER "Ilidža Rock Fest" organized by Yu caffe is a unique event in ​​this municipality, and it is held during September at the Ilidža Cultural and Sport Center. More

  4. Javorwood


    JULY 25 The musical art festival Javorwood is is happening every summer in Javorov Do at Bjelašnica. More

  5. Jazz Fest Sarajevo

    Jazz Fest Sarajevo

    NOVEMBER 9 - 12 The oldest BiH music festival will host musicians from the United States, Norway, Denmark, France, Germany, Belgium, Russia, Portugal, Turkey, Iran, Brazil, Israel, Uruguay, Serbia... More

  6. Juventa Fest

    Juventa Fest

    SEPTEMBER The basic aim of the Juventa Fest - International festival of high school dramatic creative work is to educate high school students in the field of theater arts.  More