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  1. GuitarUnited - Guitar Fest Sarajevo East

    GuitarUnited - Guitar Fest Sarajevo East

    GuitarUnited - Guitar Fest Sarajevo East was founded with an aim of promotion and growth of the art of the guitar and music in general, through gathering and interplay of the perfo... More

  2. Jazz Fest Sarajevo

    Jazz Fest Sarajevo

    The International Music Festival - Jazz Fest Sarajevo will be held from November 7 to 10.  More

  3. Juventa Fest

    Juventa Fest

    The basic aim of the Juventa Fest - International festival of high school dramatic creative work is to educate high school students in the field of theater arts. It will be he... More

  4. May's Music Festivities

    May's Music Festivities

    The dedication and loyalty to art by the Academy of Music of the University of Sarajevo for result had raising the quality of Sarajevo's music life. May's Music Festivities will la... More

  5. Memory Module

    Memory Module

    The primary objectives of the Memory Module program, which was first initiated in 1996 by the Managing Board of the MESS Theater Festival, are to preserve the memory of the recent... More

  6. Novogradski Dani

    Novogradski Dani

    The 22nd festival "Novogradski Dani" will run from 1 to 30 June, and citizens will be able to enjoy a variety of program content, intended for all generations, from the youngest ci... More