Sarajevo in December 2019 – Through the lenses of Instagram photographers

The last month of the year has not brought us much snow, but still provided us with many excellent photographs you shared with us. Sarajevo welcomed the holidays with the richest decorations ever and it was almost as if all of you competed who will catch the most beautiful photo of the New Year’s festive colorful lights.


We are pleased to been given an opportunity to also see a great number of photographs by our tourists who decided to visit the B&H capital this December. Judging from their photographs, they had an excellent time here.

We are especially proud of having a chance to follow up for months now on the works done by young authors who are slowly, but surely, becoming real professionals. We hope to be enjoying in their photographs for a long time since they tell a true love story about Sarajevo.

Although we have stepped into 2020, holidays in Sarajevo are not over yet and you still have a chance to photograph some of gleaming decorations in the city's parks and streets. We hope that snow will soon come to enrich the first month of this year.

Find below are nine photographs that have especially impressed us in December. You can also find them in our January's printed edition:

Continue following the Destination Sarajevo profile on Instagram and share with us and the rest of the world the most beautiful photographs of Sarajevo. Don't forget to add hashtags #DestinationSarajevo and #FeelSarajevo so we can track your work and share the best photos on our profile and in our printed edition.

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