Sarajevo in September 2019 – Through the lenses of Instagram photographers

Autumn has officially arrived, and lovely sunny days were with us throughout most of September. Plenty of festivals are behind us, some are still in progress, and there certainly was no lack of interesting events over the past 30 days.

Updated: 2019/10/04

The manifestation, Summer in the Park – Hastahana, has come to an end, and with it the exhibit of gorgeous photos, “Moje Sarajevo,” which was the product of a photo contest of the same name organized to mark the jubilee 150th issue of the monthly city guide, Sarajevo Navigator.

 September brought us some wonderful sunsets and tons of “golden hours,” which you managed to catch with your lenses. Judging by the photos where you tagged us, you spent your time visiting Sarajevo's historic attractions, enjoying nature, as well as the popular overlooks around Sarajevo, where you took some fantastic panoramic photos.

 Once again, we had hundreds of wonderful photos of Sarajevo, and we’ve made a selection of the nine most impressive ones to adorn the cover of our October issue of Sarajevo Navigator.

 Keep recording this month, as well, and share with us the time you spend in Sarajevo during the month of October. We’re sure that this autumn will also serve as an inspiration for some wonderful photos. You’ll find a calendar of the most interesting events, as well as some excellent recommendations in the 151st issue of the monthly city guide, Sarajevo Navigator.

 Don’t forget to add the hashtags #DestinationSarajevo and #FeelSarajevo, so that we can find your photos and share them with a large number of our followers.