Sarajevo in February 2020 through the lenses of Instagram photographers

February brought us weather that was very interesting and unusually warm for this time of year, plus there were some terrific sunsets and this winter’s first real white covering!

Updated: 2020/03/03

Many tourists visited our city and enjoyed taking in the cultural-historical attractions, as well as doing some winter activities up on the surrounding mountains; and, going by the photographs and comments, we can conclude that they left Sarajevo with many positive impressions, and we hope they will be visiting us again soon.

We’ve become accustomed to receiving some terrific photographs by local authors, so we expect nothing less from month to month, and we’re glad to see that the number of talented photographers is always on the rise and that they regularly use #destinationsarajevo in order to help promote our destination to potential tourists from all over the world.

This month we’ve chosen the following nine photographs for the March edition of our city guide, Sarajevo Navigator:

Continue following the Destination Sarajevo profile on Instagram and share with us and the rest of the world the most beautiful photographs of Sarajevo. Don't forget to add hashtags #DestinationSarajevo and #FeelSarajevo so we can track your work and share the best photos on our profile and in our printed edition.

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