Sarajevo in January 2020 – Through the lenses of Instagram photographers

The impressions from the New Year holidays haven’t quite settled yet, and the first month of this year is already behind us. Snow didn’t cover Sarajevo as we had hoped, but that didn’t keep you from taking tons of outstanding photographs, yet again.


During January, there were plenty of contributions from BiH photographers, who transmitted the atmosphere of places from all over the destination. Even though the city was not covered in white, we can see by your photos that you enjoyed yourselves up on the mountains around Sarajevo, where the ski centers still managed to provide the right conditions for activities in the snow.

However, over the coming month, we expect the rooftops and streets of our city to turn white, and for them to lend a certain “Olympic atmosphere” to Sarajevo, and we're sure that you'll continue to record the most beautiful moments through your lenses and share them with us.

We were especially impressed by the following photos, so you can find all nine of them in the February issue of our city guide, Sarajevo Navigator:

Continue following the Destination Sarajevo profile on Instagram and share with us and the rest of the world the most beautiful photographs of Sarajevo. Don't forget to add hashtags #DestinationSarajevo and #FeelSarajevo so we can track your work and share the best photos on our profile and in our printed edition.

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