Sarajevo in November 2019 – Through the lenses of Instagram photographers

November treated us to pleasant temperatures for this time of year. There were hardly any rainy days, so you used the nice weather to go for walks, go on excursions and spend time in nature. You continue to find inexhaustible sources of creativity for your photos in the city’s rich architecture, and this month we enjoyed your photos of lovely Sarajevo streets.

Updated: 2019/11/30

Also behind us are the many events that you enjoyed, like Jazz Fest, Spirit Fest, concerts, exhibits, fairs…, and the best are yet to come! Grab your hats, scarves and gloves and get into the holiday spirit, because that’s exactly what you’ll need during the month of December.

Sarajevo is known for its cultural richness and multi-ethnic character, so you’re in for more than a month’s worth of wonderfully decorated corners around town. Two Christmases, Hanukkah and two New Years are all celebrated in Sarajevo, and most of these wonderful occasions will be celebrated publicly, so you’ll find related festivities in many places. Don’t forget that the Sarajevo Holiday Market starts this month. It’s one of the places where you can find just the holiday atmosphere you’re looking for, with excellent bites to eat, wonderful mulled wine, fun for youngsters, as well as good times in the evenings. If you are still thinking of coming to Sarajevo in December, take a look at the photos on Instagram with the hashtag #DestinationSarajevo. They are sure to get you packing! Here we share the nine photos that delighted us, and you can find them in the print version of our monthly city guide.

The prettiest photographs tend to come right at this time, during the month of December, so we have great expectations and we know that you won’t disappoint. The city will be nicely decorated, some great events are already lined up (you can find them on our calendar), and soon we can expect the first snowflakes. We know you can hardly wait to snap some photos of everything, so don’t forget to add the hashtags #DestinationSarajevo and #FeelSarajevo so that we can share your photos on our profile.