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  • The Jedileri Tomb (Turkish = Tomb of the Seven) is known among Sarajevans as the Tomb of the Seven Brothers.

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    While the name doesn't refer to brothers by birth, but rather seven men who died under different circumstances and in different periods, Sarajevans believe that they are “brothers by faith”.

    The tomb was made from an endowment created by Sulejman Pasha Skopljak. In 1815 he gave the order that a wall with seven windows be built around the existing graves and that a room be added for the tomb keeper, which also served as a small tekke.

    It is a custom among Sarajevans to visit Jedileri and offer sadaqa (charity in the name of God) and to seek help from God.

    It is believed that upon leaving you should pay close attention to what others around you are saying, for the first words that you hear will contain the answer to your problem!

    It's also important not to return the way you came, but to go back in a different direction.

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