Balkantina Gourmet Shop now open in Sarajevo

The gastro tour operator, Balkantina, has opened its own Gourmet Shop right in the heart of Sarajevo, at Pehlivanuša 5, next to the Music Academy building.


In the unique interior of its newly opened shop, this team of foodies does tastings and sells gourmet specialties made by small producers from all over BiH, so as to help strengthen such companies, promote their fine offerings and make their products available on the market.

The shop carries the famous Livno and Kupres cheeses, ham from Herzegovina, dried meat from Visoko, as well as local varieties of pasta made with walnuts, nettle, cep (penny bun mushrooms)….

Other delicacies include truffle cheese, which came about as part of a joint effort between Balkantina and Kupres dairy farms, as well as cheese sauces, products that Balkantina created with Kantar Home Made.

A range of products from Trebinje’s Herzeg House include liquors, brandies, jams, Herzegovinian cheese in oil and smoked carp in oil.

Also on offer is the only Bosnian champagne made from the autochthonous grape variety, Žilavka, as well as wines by the award-winning winery Zadro from Čapljina. The shop also carries olive oils, which has received major regional awards this year.

They also have Kraljica craft brandies and liquors, plus a wide assortment of drinks by Naša Mala Destilerija.

Balkantina Gourmet Shop is located at Pehlivanuša 5 and is open every day (except Sundays) from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.