Belma Tvico’s new collection decorated with Bosančica details

Popular BiH fashion designer Belma Tvico has presented her new RE-VIVE collection for autumn/winter 2019, which brings to life a few dimensions of Bosančica (Bosnian Cyrillic) – stylized letters dating from BiH’s medieval period which have a tinge of Glagolitic and Latin scripts.


Collaborating with artist Taida Jašarević, the designer also incorporates the cultural-historical heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina into her work, so, having done a collection of silk scarves decorated with Bosančica script, which included parts of the text taken from the Charter of Kulin Ban – BiH’s oldest preserved state document – she has again incorporated Bosančica into her new collection.

In this way, the autumn collection sees elegant, often asymmetrical pieces made from brocade, silk, woolen fabric, lustrine cloth and gabardine, while the Bosančica details are woven directly into these materials.

You can look for Belma Tvico’s new collection at Belma Tvico Fashion Design, the fashion studio located at Telali 7.