BIS opens in Sarajevo in the former Imperijal Cinema

Romanija Cinema, which later became Imperijal Cinema, was once a cult gathering place in Sarajevo and is again opening its doors, this time as Brew Imperial Society – BIS.

Updated: 2018/12/14

As one of Sarajevo’s oldest cinemas, Romanija was founded in 1913 in a building that is a national monument. It has been ten years since the last film was shown here and, after almost 12 months of renovation by The Brew Co. Team (from Sarajevo’s The Brew Pub), this facility is again opening its doors.

The newly-opened BIS has been envisioned as a platform-venue for educational and cultural-entertainment events, and a special accent will be placed on presenting works by creative youth, meaning that its doors will be open to concerts, exhibits, stand-up shows, film screenings, plays and educational events. Everything will take place alongside a creative and diverse offering of foods and drinks.

BIS enjoyed another official opening on December 14, 2018. Those who attended had a chance to see the documentary film, BREW – A Story of Folks, Craft and Beer, plus the play, Elektra, and they also enjoyed a performance by the band, Mirza & Panduri.