Bosnian Market Now Open

Bosnian Market recently opened in the Sarajevo neighborhood, Dobrinja (Trg Djece Dobrinje bb). Here in this unique space you can buy local goods, mostly organic produce and locally-produced drinks.


What makes this market unusual is that it’s located in what used to be an atomic bomb shelter, which provided many Dobrinja residents with cover from grenades during the last war. It recently underwent a total renovation so that it might be used for an entirely different purpose.

The following agricultural producers sell their goods at the Market: Voćar-Promet (Zvornik), Agrofood (Konjević Polje-Bratunac), Eko Life (Stolac), Više-Grad (Višegrad), as well as Tarevci (Modriča), 3E (Skelani-Srebrenica) and the companies, Slap (Žepa-Rogatica), Brojler (Sarajevo) and Klas (Sarajevo).

Bosnian Market is open every day from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.