Centrotrans introduces new environmentally friendly vehicles

In doing its part to reduce the amount of harmful exhaust fumes that are emitted, Centrotrans of Sarajevo has acquired six LPG-powered city buses.


The company has announced that it plans to continue with the modernization of its fleet so as to provide passengers with high-quality and comfortable means of transportation that makes less intense noise and uses environmentally friendly vehicles, especially during the winter period.

The quality of the articulated buses made by the Germany company, MAN, meet European standards for public transport and are equipped with EVV motors for maximum efficiency and the protection of the environment, they are air-conditioned and have ramps that make it easier for passengers who have difficulty getting around, as well as those who use wheelchairs and strollers, to board and disembark.

The buses have both interior and exterior displays with line information, and the four interior security cameras will enhance safety.