Certificates of authenticity for Sarajevan artisans

Certificates awarded for “Original Sarajevo Quality”

Authentic Sarajevan crafts, and the artisans who produce such authentic hand-made products, received “Original Sarajevo Quality” Certificates at an award ceremony held in Sarajevo.


Eighteen Sarajevan artisans received certificates of authenticity with geographical indications from the Institute for Intellectual Property of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This official award ceremony marks the end of a long process of certifying the authenticity of traditional craft skills and products from Baščaršija. At the same time, it also represents the first step in recognizing and appreciating these trades, which represent part of our intangible heritage and should, as such, be considered part of all that Sarajevo has to offer tourists.

Ibrahim Hadžibajrić, Mayor of the Municipality of Old Town, and David Barth, Director of the USAID Mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina, attended the ceremony.

The entire certification activity was initiated and supported by ZUP Baščaršija, the USAID-Sida FIRMA Project and the artisans themselves, with BE Konsalting from Sarajevo handling its implementation.

The first group of certified crafts includes the following: Sarajevo filigree, slipper making, savat engraving; the beverages, boza and salep and goldsmithing.

One of the most beneficial results of this project is that, thanks to the signs displayed on shops which have the right to use the “Original Sarajevo Quality” symbols, tourists who visit our city in the future will be able to clearly differentiate between authentic crafts from Baščaršija and those that may have been produced elsewhere.