Don't miss to visit Diplomatic Winter Bazaar today

Diplomatic Winter Bazaar, the largest charity event of the year, will be open today from 11 am to 5 pm, at the Mirza Delibasic hall, Skenderija center.


Bazaar brings together the international and business communities, along with our host nation, to offer everyone in Bosnia and Herzegovina the chance to taste food and buy unusual gifts and items from around 40 countries.  

It’s also a wonderful opportunity for people of all cultures to work together to support disabled and disadvantaged children in BiH, because every single KM spent at the bazaar on Saturday will go to charities that support children in every corner of BiH.

The Bazaar has lots of activities for children of all ages: They can meet Santa, participate in inclusice worskshops, enjoy a large play area, bouncy castle, face painting... Older kids and adults can explore interactive stands with 3D printers and robots, as well as shop for fun, unique clothing and gifts.

Corporate sponsors, including our three largest, EFT, Mineco and Bosankar, have made the Bazaar possible, so around 70 local vendors, private companies and NGO-s... will offer organic cosmetics, food, designer jewelery, craft beer, vegan food...