Educational Musical Steps Now In Operation

The steps on Pruščakova Street, which connects Mehmeda Spahe St. and Tina Ujevića St., have been refurbished. In addition to being practical, the steps also have an educational function – by making use of the interactive music boxes, passersby will be able to familiarize themselves with music by some of the most popular stars on the local music scene.


Given the location of the steps, which are located near the cult gathering spot, “Sloga”, now home to Club Cinemas Sloga and Šahovski (Chess) Club “Bosna”, and the overall ambience of the immediate area, every resting place is intended to thematically represent the most popular musicians or groups that were part of Sloga’s “golden period”.

Benches at these resting spots will feature short biographies of the selected musicians, along with a special audio device that will allow people to listen to the most famous songs by Indexi, Bijelo Dugme, Merlin, representatives of the New Primitives….

The spot near Šahovski Klub “Bosna” also has a table with chess figures, where passersby can enjoy this ancient game. There are also new lamp posts, handrails, cast iron benches and specially designed trash bins.