FlyBosnia soon to offer flights from Sarajevo

The first plane, which bears the name “Sarajevo,” and belongs to the domestic airline company, FlyBosnia, did a test flight on Saturday morning. It will soon be known which cities FlyBosnia will connect to the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


According to the head of FlyBosnia, the initial focus is to offer direct flights to European cities like London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Paris, Moscow, Rome, etc., as well as seasonal or regular lines to destinations in the Middle East, namely Rijad.

In this way, it will be much easier for a large number of tourists to visit Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina. FlyBosnia will commence operations with the Airbus A319, which has 156 seats, 12 of which are reserved for business class. The airline plans to acquire another Airbus A319 soon in order to expand the number of flights.