I Love Sarajevo – new tourist attraction

Starting today, Sarajevo is all the richer for one more tourist attraction, which is sure to garner lots of attention from tourists, as well as from local residents.


An interesting installation entitled I Love Sarajevo will be set up on the plaza in front of Sarajevo City Center (SCC). Following the example of other large cities, the installation (14x2 meters) has been organized through the collaboration of BH Telecom and the City Administration of the City of Sarajevo.

The installation is made from aluminum, and the first letter has been designed in such a way that you can fit inside and take original photos that may be published on social media platforms. The installation will remain in front of SCC until August 24, after which it will be moved to a permanent location chosen by the City Administration.

The I Love Sarajevo installation is part of Moje Sarajevo. Moja Priča (My Sarajevo. My Story), a promotional campaign by BH Telecom, which is the main sponsor of the Sarajevo Film Festival. This is just one of the surprises BiH’s leading telecommunications company is preparing for visitors and Sarajevo residents throughout the month of August.

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