Jahorina has been cleared and is ready for visitors

In honor of World Environment Day, and with the aim of encouraging greater environmental awareness, more than 1,000 volunteers joined in a clean-up action on Olympic Mountain Jahorina.


With the end of a successful winter season, Jahorina is ready to greet visitors with many summer activities, including: panoramic sightseeing in the six-seater lifts, bike and quad riding, downhill tubing, various activities for children....

After enjoying themselves out on the many mountain paths, visitors have plenty of spa options and culinary specialties to choose from at mountain restaurants and hotels, as well as a diverse entertainment program.

Work on the gondola is set to be completed, making it ready for operation by the end of 2019. With a run length of about one kilometer, it will connect the parking area near Vučiji Most and connecting road #1 (Ogorjelica-Poljice), and make better use of the mountain's touristic potential.