Jahorina Ultra Trail on July 25 and 26?

If the situation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic stabilizes, the sixth edition of the popular nature race - Jahorina Ultra Trail is scheduled for July 25th and 26th.


This year, the Jahorina Ultra Trail will be designed as a two-day competition with four races of different lengths - Ultra, Maxi, Midi and Mini Trail, which can be attended by both professional and recreational runners. All races should start from Jahorina.

The Mini Trail is a 14 km long trail, ideal for fast runners but also for beginners in trail running. The time limit for finishing the race will be 3 hours.

The Midi Trail will be 23 km long this year and whoever completes it will receive 1 ITRA point. The time limit for finishing the race will be 6 hours.

The 49 km long Maxi Trail brings 2 ITRA points and is intended for fast ultra marathon runners, but also those who trying the ultra trail format for the first time. The trail is not too difficult as there are not too many steep climbs. The time limit for finishing the race will be 16 hours.

The Ultra Trail, designed for experienced trail runners, carries 4 ITRA points. The 88 kilometer length offers a diversity of terrain, as well as a challenge of uneven trails, both of which are sure to enhance the race experience. The time limit for completing this race will be 23 hours.

From this year the Jahorina Ultra Trail organization is taken over by the OC Jahorina, and the race can be registered via the link: https://www.stotinka.hr/eng/dogadjaj/1188