Kosher food available in Sarajevo

The Sarajevo restaurant, Dunja (on Avde Sumbula 3), through its collaboration with the organization, Hagada, has included Bosnian Sephardic dishes on its menu, which are prepared according to Kosher dietary rules.  


Hagada is a Sarajevo organization that works to preserve Jewish culture and traditions in BiH and, in order to offer Sephardic foods to Sarajevo residents and visitors, they have trained the staff of Dunja in how to prepare the items.

At this location, it will now be possible to find foods like zucchini and spinach patties, eggs that have been simmered for 24 hours in a mixture of onions and spices, rolls, domestic cheeses, as well as kosher wine…, all of which have been selected by the rabbinate.

Kosher food is prepared in a special way, using as many pure ingredients as possible which are obtained through natural methods, without using industrial production. Meat and dairy products must be kept separated, and special containers are used for both.

Bosnian Sephardic cuisine reflects a combination of Bosnian and Spanish-Mediterranean dishes, with certain Jewish touches, which are specific only to the Sephardic Jews of BiH.

Hagada has published the Bosnian Sephardic Cuisine, which features 120 dishes, with recipes that go back 500 years, when Sephardic Jews brought them from Spain. The book is available for purchase in the Hagada souvenir shop at Branilaca Sarajeva 24.