March 1st Tunnel now open on the 5C Highway

On Monday, August 25 the March 1st Tunnel on the 5C Highway was opened, providing a significant reduction in travel time between Zenica and Sarajevo, as well as for all traffic coming to Sarajevo from the northern and western parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


The March 1st Tunnel is approximately three kilometers long and another three kilometers of the highway’s Lašva-Zenica Jug section have been opened. In total, 52.5 kilometers of highway, between Sarajevo and the southern entrance to Zenica, have been completed so far.

The March 1st Tunnel stands as the most demanding and most modern structure built as part of the 5C Highway system. The interior of the tunnel is lit with special LED lights and the entire length is under video surveillance and connected to a modern control center, ensuring travelers maximum security.