New activities for children in Sarajevo

Mali ambasadori Sarajeva is a tour by Insider Tour Agency that takes youngsters on a special trip around city, revealing an entirely different world.


This tour is part of the Little Ambassadors of Sarajevo (Mali ambasadori Sarajeva) project organized by Sarajevo based tour agency Insider with a goal of educating children about the rich cultural and historical heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s capital. Illustrated guide for children has been made as a part of the project and is available here.

This two-hour free tour, which is led by experts and made for children, starts in front of Insider and takes kids back to the city’s founding, passes through phases of its development, acquaints them with legends of old Sarajevo, its cultural heritage and attractions.

Through games and socializing, children will hear stories about Baščaršija: caravanserais, old trades, the Old Orthodox Church, synagogues, Cathedral and mosques; the Sarajevo Assassination, Vijećnica, Inat Kuća….

Group will visit Sarajevo city center and Sarajevo Museum and during the short breaks, youngsters will enjoy tea and some sweet surprises.

Tours for interested individuals will be organized in January 2020, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays starting at noon. February, March and April are reserved for tours for children from primary schools.

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