New Attractions on Jahorina

Jahorina Olympic Center is gearing up for the summer season with the launch of three new adrenaline-filled attractions for adults and children - Tower, Loopster and Skydive.


The Tower is set up on Poljice Plateau and allows climbing to 9-meter height by lightly pulling on the rope. Your strength and speed with which you pull the rope, directly affects the climbing speed. During the ride the tower turns and gives the opportunity to enjoy the view of the beautiful mountain vistas.

The Loopster or Ballerina is also located on Poljice Plateau. It consists of 8 cabins that rotate in a circle, and around its axis in both directions. Passengers themselves can control cabin movements on the control console, choosing a lighter or turbulent driving.

Skydive is located by the artificial snow reserve lake, so the ride above it provides an unforgettable adrenaline experience as well as panoramic views of Jahorina peaks.

The price of one ride at any attraction will be 5 KM, while the price of 5 rides will be 20 KM.

Also the alpine coaster is being mounted on as we speak, which is an attraction that has generated a lot of interest during the last summer season.

Visitors to OC Jahorina can also enjoy panoramic six-seater rides in the summer season, the children's town of Poljice, the Olympic Bar on the Top of the Mountain, the open-air gym, cycling and hiking trails, and splendid ambiance of area surrounding the artificial lake at the top…Planned are many interesting events as well.