New products by the BiH brand Zvekir

Besides its phone finger ring (a cell phone accessory in the shape of a Bosnian zvekir, or door knocker), which is one of the best-selling Sarajevo products, there are now cufflinks, brooches and scarves, as well as cell phone masks, that bear the Zvekir brand name.


A zvekir is a metal circle in the shape of a ring, or halka, made from forged iron or bronze, that is fixed to the front door of a house, replacing the need for a doorbell in years past. Zvekirs can still be noticed in the old parts of town, on the doors of traditional Bosnian houses, as well as on many souvenirs, as a symbol of welcoming.

You can order these elegant and practical items, which have a wisp of a BiH tradition, at the following web page: via, which includes a list of places where these products will be available starting November 1, 2019.