New residents arrive at Sarajevo Zoo

New residents have arrived at Sarajevo's Pionirska Dolina from the Belgrade Zoo – an American bison, two pairs of Barbary sheep, four maras and four North American raccoons – all of which enhance the offering of this recreational-entertainment center.


Both zoos are candidates for EAZA (European Association of Zoos and Aquaria) membership, a status that makes animal exchanges possible and offers support for mutual development.

The American bison is a endangered species which, aside from being kept at some European zoos, can only be seen on reserves in North America. In America, this species has a little over 1,000 individuals, as it was nearly wiped out due to hunting for its meat and skins.

All of the animals are being housed in reconstructed habitats and, once quarantine and treatment periods have ended, visitors will be able to see them in their respective enclosures.