Hotel Europe

Promotion of the portal "Destination Sarajevo"

In order to mark 2014 as a year in which many important events will be held in “Destination Sarajevo”, the Sarajevo Navigator Foundation will hold a promotion of its web portal, Destination Sarajevo, in the atrium of Hotel Europe on Tuesday, April 15.


The portal ( will try to collect all of the “Destination Sarajevo” offerings in one place, including everything that Canton Sarajevo and the City of East Sarajevo have to offer tourists.

This web portal aspires to become the first stop for tourists as they become familiar with “Destination Sarajevo” and, with time, visitors will be able to book accommodation, tours, tickets for events and attractions, etc. directly through the site.

In addition to promoting the web portal, there will also be a presentation of “Osjeti/Feel Sarajevo” and its visual identity campaign. The goal of the campaign is to attract more independent tourists to Sarajevo during the upcoming summer tourist season, and to encourage them to extend their stay in the geographical area that is covered by “Destination Sarajevo”.

One of the goals of this campaign is to make local residents more aware of the many positive things that will be taking place in “Destination Sarajevo”, so as to create a suitable atmosphere when welcoming visitors during 2014.