Promotional hiking walk along the Bjelašnica ridge

The initiative for Bjelašnica and Igman, in cooperation with KJP ZOI84, is organizing a promotional hiking walk along the Bjelasnica ridge on Saturday, July 11.


Departure is scheduled at 10:00 am at Babino do, and for participants of all generations who come by then, the six-seater ride will be free.

A hiking walk along the Olympic beauty will lead to the Observatory (2,067 m above sea level), then to the top Mala Vlahinja (2,054 m above sea level) and the same way back.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic protection measures, a maximum of three people will be able to sit on the six-seater, and during other activities it is mandatory to adhere to all protection measures.

All participants should be adequately prepared - with hiking shoes, a lighter jacket, sufficient supplies of water and food ...