Region's longest mountain bobsled track on rails opens on Jahorina

As of August 15, 2019, Olympic Mountain Jahorina will be that much richer for yet another extreme summer sport attraction – the region's longest (2,500 m) alpine coaster.


You can reach the starting point for the alpine coaster, which is near the mountain's peak (next to the disembarking point for the Poljice six-seater lift), via the same lift or by walking, then you can glide back down on the rails to reach Poljice Plateau. Here, as well as at Termag Hotel and Vučko Hotel, you'll find many other outdoor activities.

Jahorina's alpine coaster was built in just three months which is record time for such attraction and is among top 10 in Europe by length. The maximum speed is 40 km/h and carts can accommodate one adult or one adult with smaller kid.

Single ride tickets will cost 10 KM (adults) and 8 KM (children) and there will be combo tickets available for six-seater lift ride combined with alpine coaster ride (15 KM - adults, 12 KM - kids)

Those visiting Jahorina during the summer months can also enjoy panoramic rides on six-seater lifts, hiking along mountain paths, mountain biking (the baskets on the six-seaters allow for the transport of bikes), riding quads, mountaineering and climbing on artificial rocks, tubing at Ogorjelica Amusement Park, paragliding, paintball and collecting medicinal herbs and blueberries.

This is yet another project whereby the Jahorina Olympic Center hopes to position itself on the map among the most desirable tourist destinations in Southeastern Europe, not just for the winter season, but also during the summer tourist season.