Sarajevo cable car to shut down temporarily

One of Sarajevo’s most popular attractions will stop running for the next several days.


The Sarajevo cable car will be out of service for a total of six days, from October 2 to 4 (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday), and from October 7 to 9 (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday), due to regular mid-year maintenance.

On the other days, the cable car will be fully operational during regular working hours (from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.), so take the opportunity and enjoy the loveliest panoramic view of Sarajevo!

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  1. Sarajevo Cable Car (funicular)

    Sarajevo Cable Car (funicular)

    Historical, War related

    Hrvatin bb, Sarajevo | Map

    Historical, War related The original Trebević cable car, or funicular, as it was called by older Sarajevans, was operational from May 3, 1959, and it was one of the most recognizable symbols of BiH’s capital. More