Sarajevo included on UNESCO's list of creative cities

Sarajevo now finds itself among 66 other cities that have been placed on UNESCO’s list of creative cities. Sarajevo has been recognized for its contribution to the field of film.


The Sarajevo Film Festival has contributed greatly to the city’s status, and Valladolid (Spain), Potsdam (Germany), Mumbai (India) and Wellington (New Zealand) have also been included on the list of “film cities.”

UNESCO Creative Cities make concrete contributions to reaching sustainable development goals through innovative thinking and activities, and, in using such ideas, they support actions that directly benefit the city community.

UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network has 246 members, and Vranje (Serbia) is a regional city that has also been placed on the list for its contribution to music.

The aim of the initiative is for cities on all continents to work on a common mission: to keep creativity and creative economies at the heart of their urban development planning.