Sarajevo Taxi introduces mobile payment app

Starting August 15, the taxi driver association, Sarajevo Taxi, in cooperation with Mastercard and UniCredit Bank, will be offering cash-free credit card payment services for rides in 100 of its vehicles through the mojTaxi (myTaxi) app.


This cash-free payment system allows passengers who have a Mastercard credit card and smart phone to pay for rides in specially marked vehicles by using the mojTaxi app, which will link to their credit cards.

The vehicles have internet, and, at the end of a ride, a notification will be sent to the user’s cell phone, indicating the payment transaction for their account, which must be confirmed. Then all it takes is one click to finalize the payment for the taxi ride.

The service may be used in Sarajevo Taxi vehicles that have special markings, which indicate that they are part of the mojTaxi system in Sarajevo.

The company’s plan is for this payment option to be made available soon in all vehicles that are members of the Sarajevo Taxi Association.

The mojTaxi app is available via Google Play and App Store, and may also be downloaded directly from the website.