Sarajevo to host tourism event – Meet Up Sarajevo

From March 28 to April 1, 2019, Sarajevo is set to host the 1st International Meeting of Tour Operators, as organized by the City of Sarajevo.


More than 200 agencies from over 100 countries from around the world will have representatives participating at the event called Meet Up Sarajevo, the aim of which is to brand the BiH capital and place it on the map of touristic and international destinations.

This will be an opportunity for tour operators and travel agencies to become acquainted with Sarajevo’s tourism potentials and offerings. They will also have a chance to connect with local agencies and hoteliers, and the exchange of experiences will contribute to the development of new offers and pave the way for new movements within the market. All of this will make Sarajevo a more attractive destination on international tourism maps.

The ultimate aims of this gathering are to promote and expand Sarajevo’s tourism offering and increase the number of tourists, which will then contribute to the development of quality digital media, encourage networking among partners from various fields and the education of those who work in tourism.

The increase in the number of tourists to Sarajevo has contributed to an influx of major airlines, international brands, a growth in the number of entertainment and cultural events and hospitality services, as well as the development and renewal of Sarajevo symbols and attractions, like the Trebević cable car and the Olympic Mountains.

After the World Tourism Organization placed our country among the top 10 destinations that are seeing the fastest rate of inbound growth, the City of Sarajevo set its goal of positioning the Meet Up Sarajevo event on the world map of major business events where tourism products may be presented.