Sarajevo Tourism Festival Now Open

The Sarajevo Tourism Festival will be held at KSC Skenderija (Oct. 24-26), and it will present the tourism potential of BiH, as well as tourism offerings for participating countries.


The 40th Annual International Fair of Tourism and Tourism Markets and the 7th Annual International Hotel-Hospitality Equipment and Catering Fair will also be held as part of the event.

This year’s edition will place an accent on gastro tourism, giving visitors a chance to sample traditional foods and drinks, and to enjoy the rich program.

The International Chef and Sweet Maker Cup and the International Bartender Cup will take place at Mirza Delibašić Hall (Oct. 24-25).

On October 25, Dom Mladih will be hosting the Gastronomy and Development of Tourist Destination Conference.

Festival participants will also try to set a Guinness Record by serving 13,000 crêpes (Oct 26).

This festival is an expanded version of the International Tourism and Tourism Market Fair, an event organized by KSC Skenderija since 1970.