Stećci at National Museum of BiH included on list of National Monuments of BiH

One of the most recognizable attractions at the National Museum of BiH, the collection of stećci from all over the country, was made a National Monument of BiH on June 26, 2019 during a session held by the Committee for the Preservation of National Monuments of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


These medieval grave markers serve as the common cultural heritage of the peoples of BiH.

There are 21 stećci in the National Museum’s botanical garden, and they are arranged in such a way that the stećci from Herzegovina are on the northern side of the garden and those from Bosnia are laid out on the southern extent.

The third group of stećci comprises 10 pieces that are located on the grassy section to the left of the museum’s main entrance.

The pieces on display were found at various locations throughout BiH, and include those from: Bobovac, Jajce, Gomjenica (near Prijedor), Grborezi (near Livno), Čipuljić (near Bugojno), Potoci and Hodbina (near Mostar), Batković (near Bijeljina), Mušići (near Višegrad), Mahovljani (near Banja Luka), Vrbljani (near Ključ), Brodac and Dvorovi (near Bijeljina), Sultići (near Konjic), Humac (near Ljubuški)....

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