The 6th Annual Sarajevo Ramadan Festival is Now Underway

The 6th Annual Sarajevo Ramadan Festival got underway with the firing of the cannon at Žuta Tabija. This is the sixth year for the Sarajevo Ramadan Festival to be held during the month of Ramadan, which lasts from May 5 to June 4 this year. The event aims to present lovely Ramadan customs and the richness of Islamic arts and culture.


The festival is held on Žuta Tabija (Jekovac), where a cannon blast at sunset marks the end of the day’s fast, which starts at sunrise.

In addition to serving iftars up on the old fortress, which offers a panoramic view of the city, the festival also organizes a full cultural and entertainment program, with concerts, exhibits, lectures, films, book promotions….

Since Ramadan in Sarajevo is not just a religious event, but also a social one, socializing after iftar can last for hours, and the city is alive until the wee hours, up until sehur, the pre-dawn meal eaten before the day-long fast begins.

The Sarajevo Ramadan Festival was initiated by the Sarajevo Navigator Foundation and the Baščaršija Business Improvement Zone (ZUP) so as to make the touristic offering for Destination Sarajevo more complete.