The first section of the Jahorina Express gondola now open

The first section of the Jahorina Express gondola, a system which spans 1,400 meters and runs between the departure and arrival stations for the Ravna Planina Ski Center, is now in operation.


Centrotrans from East Sarajevo and Ravna Planina Ski Center are also introducing a Krupac-Pale-Ravna Planina bus line, which will stop at all regular bus stops along the line running between Krupac and Pale. The first stop in Pale will be at the student dormitory.

The cost of a one-way ticket is 4KM and the purchase of a return ticket includes a 20% discount. Tickets are purchased directly from the bus driver.

Once finished, the Jahorina Express gondola will be installed as part of Ravna Planina, a tourism-recreation center in Pale.

The gondola will cover a distance of about 7.5 kilometers and will connect Pale and Mt. Jahorina. It will span 1,350 meters and have 19 cabins that can each hold 10 passengers.

The departure station gondola will be situated 700 meters from the main road (Sarajevo-Pale-Prača) at an elevation of 920 meters, and the arrival station will be installed above Board Hotel on Mt. Jahorina.

The parking area at the departure station can accommodate a total of 500 cars and 35 buses.