The Largest Comic Strip Panel in the World Installed on the Roof of Markale

One very unusual work of art – the largest comic strip panel in the world – has been installed on the roof of Markale Market, in the heart of Sarajevo. 


According to Gilles Kraemer and Damir Nikšić, the artists behind the strip, Omar Le-Cheri, this comic strip page will remain on the roof of Sarajevo’s most well known market until the 21st Annual Sarajevo Film Festival gets under way on August 14 of this year.

The authors say that they have installed the panel in order to mark the beginning of a rich cultural season in Sarajevo.

In addition to being the largest comic strip panel in the world, the artistic duo, Kraemer and Nikšić, insist that this strip is special for several reasons.

As Gilles Kraemer shares, “The strip was created by a Frenchman and drawn by a Bosnian; the main character is Greek and Omar Le-Cheri is Egyptian.”