The largest pet shop in BiH now open in Sarajevo

In addition to its popular shops at Derviša Numića 1b and in SCC, Zoo Centar Sarajevo has now opened a third location at Radenka Abazovića 1, which is also the largest pet shop in BiH.


The center covers more than 300 m2, and the modern and carefully planned interior has many aquariums and offers a wide assortment of products for dogs, cats, birds, rodents and other kinds of pets.

Only Zoo Centar offers a wide selection of exotic animals, products by top international brands, winter apparel for animals, toys and food, as well as other supplies for your pets, all at prices that are suitable for every budget.

In addition to the pet shop, the facility has a veterinary pharmacy, where you can find medicine and various vitamin and mineral supplements.

There is also free on-site parking available for customers.