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  1. Villa Complex on Petrakijina Street

    Villa Complex on Petrakijina Street

    Architecture, Historical, National Treasure

    Petrakijina 9, 11, 13 and 24, Sarajevo | Map

    Architecture, Historical, National Treasure The entire villa complex on Petrakijina Street, which comprises Villa Mandić, as well as Villa Heinrich Reiter, Villa Hermina Radisch and Villa Forstrath Miklau, all represent the most well-preserved grouping of villas from the Au... More

  2. Vladimir “Walter” Perić Monument

    Vladimir “Walter” Perić Monument

    Historical, War related

    Hiseta, Sarajevo | Map

    Historical, War related The bust of Vladimir “Walter” Perić – the legendary leader of the Sarajevo resistance movement during World War II – is near Skenderija Bridge, close to the old power distribution center. More

  3. Vraca Memorial Park

    Vraca Memorial Park


    Sarajevo | Map

    Historical Vraca Memorial Park is located in what was once an Austro-Hungarian fortification built at the end of the 19th century in Vraca, a neighborhood on the northern slopes of Trebević. This park has great cultural, historical, artistic... More

  4. Zagreb Hotel

    Zagreb Hotel

    Architecture, Historical, National Treasure

    Valtera Perića 1, Sarajevo | Map

    Architecture, Historical, National Treasure This building, which was formerly home to Zagreb Hotel, was built in 1898 according to designs by Karl Paržik. Built a year after Valtera Perića Street was laid out, it was originally intended to serve as rental/commercial propert... More