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  1. Ferhadija Mosque

    Ferhadija Mosque

    Religious, Historical

    Vladislava Skarića, Sarajevo | Map

    Religious, Historical Ferhadija Mosque (Ferhad Bey’s Mosque) is located right in the center of town, on the corner of Ferhadija St. and Vladislava Skarića St., which is in close proximity to Europe Hotel, Tašlihan and Gazi Husrev... More

  2. Festina Lente

    Festina Lente

    The Bridges of Sarajevo

    Sarajevo | Map

    The Bridges of Sarajevo The pedestrian bridge, Festina Lente, connects the promenade on Obala Maka Dizdara on the left side of the Miljacka River with Obala Kulina Bana and Radićeva Street on the right. More

  3. Fire Brigade Station

    Fire Brigade Station

    Architecture, Historical, National Treasure

    Fehima Efendije Ćurčića 1, Sarajevo | Map

    Architecture, Historical, National Treasure After a big fire raged through the Latinluk neighborhood (between Latin Bridge and Ćumurija Bridge) and engulfed several nearby streets on August 8, 1879, a volunteer firefighting brigade was established in Sarajevo. More

  4. Gazi Husrev Bey’s Library

    Gazi Husrev Bey’s Library

    Architecture, Religious, Historical

    Gazi Husrev-begova 46, Sarajevo | Map

    Architecture, Religious, Historical According to the will of Gazi Husrev-bey from 1537 (26. rajab 943) this library was established as a special cultural and research institution for the fields of Islamic sciences, Islamic cultural heritage and other similar scienti... More

  5. Gazi Husrev Bey’s Šadrvan

    Gazi Husrev Bey’s Šadrvan

    Architecture, Religious, Historical

    Sarači 8, Sarajevo | Map

    Architecture, Religious, Historical Right in the center of the harem (courtyard) of Gazi Husrev Bey’s Mosque, and just a few steps from the entrance off Sarači Street, is a large and lovely šadrvan (covered public water fountain). The water is used by w... More

  6. Gospođicina (Madame’s) House

    Gospođicina (Madame’s) House

    Architecture, Historical, National Treasure

    Hamdije Kreševljakovića 1, Sarajevo | Map

    Architecture, Historical, National Treasure This historical building, Gospođicina House, is a rare example of BiH architecture from the Austro-Hungarian period that has walls painted using the Sgraffito technique. More

  7. Hadžihalilovića Villa

    Hadžihalilovića Villa

    Architecture, Historical

    Trg Grada Prato 2A, Sarajevo | Map

    Architecture, Historical Hadžihalilovića Villa, which belonged to the prominent Sarajevo Hadžihalilović family, was built in the 1920s in what was once a village and is now the neighborhood, Dobrinja. More

  8. Hajji Sinan’s Tekke

    Hajji Sinan’s Tekke

    Architecture, Religious, Historical, National Treasure

    Sagrdžije, Sarajevo | Map

    Architecture, Religious, Historical, National Treasure Hajji Sinan's Tekke, also known as Silahdar Mustafa-Pasha’s Tekke, is owned and operated by the Qadiri Dervish Order and was built between 1638 and 1640. More

  9. Jajce Barracks (Safet Hadžić Barracks)

    Jajce Barracks (Safet Hadžić Barracks)

    Architecture, Historical, War related, National Treasure

    Pod bedemom, Sarajevo | Map

    Architecture, Historical, War related, National Treasure Jajce Barracks is located in the old town neighborhood, Vratnik. It occupies a dominant position above Sarajevo and is visible from nearly every point in the city. More