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  1. Kurshumli Madresa (Museum Gazi Husrev Bey)

    Kurshumli Madresa (Museum Gazi Husrev Bey)

    Architecture, Religious, Historical, National Treasure

    Sarači 33, Sarajevo | Map

    Architecture, Religious, Historical, National Treasure Gazi Husrev Bey’s Madresa is the oldest educational institution of its kind in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was founded in 1537 as a vakuf (endowment) by the Ottoman Governor, Gazi Husrev Bey. More

  2. Mevlevi Tekke

    Mevlevi Tekke

    Architecture, Religious, Historical

    Jekovac, Sarajevo | Map

    Architecture, Religious, Historical The Mevlevi Tekke was built on Bentbaša in 1462 or 1463 by Isa Bey Ishaković and was one of the first Islamic places of worship in Sarajevo. More

  3. Morića Han

    Morića Han

    Architecture, Historical

    Sarači 77, Sarajevo | Map

    Architecture, Historical Morića Han (inn) is Sarajevo’s only remaining caravanserai, a place where merchant caravans could find accommodation during the Ottoman period. More

  4. Observatory (Čolina Kapa)

    Observatory (Čolina Kapa)

    Architecture, Historical

    Sarajevo | Map

    Architecture, Historical Čolina Kapa on Mount Trebević offers a fascinating view of nearly all of Sarajevo and it was for this reason that the Austro-Hungarian authorities erected a military fortification, Bistrik Kula, on this very vantage point. More

  5. Saburina House

    Saburina House

    Architecture, Historical

    Saburina 6, Sarajevo | Map

    Architecture, Historical Saburina House was built in Kovači in the middle of the 18th century and is one of few preserved examples of residential architecture in Sarajevo dating from the Ottoman period. More

  6. Sarajevo Meeting Of Cultures

    Sarajevo Meeting Of Cultures


    Ferhadija, Sarajevo | Map

    Historical “Sarajevo Meeting of Cultures” is the message of an inlaid marker on Ferhadija St., near Gazi Husrev Bey’s Bezistan. This is the spot where two dominant cultures that once shaped Sarajevo merge. More

  7. Sarajevo Roses

    Sarajevo Roses

    Historical, War related

    Sarajevo | Map

    Historical, War related Sarajevo Roses pay a unique tribute to the Siege of Sarajevo and those who were killed during one of the most tragic episodes in the city’s history. More

  8. Sebilj


    Architecture, Historical, National Treasure

    Baščaršijski trg, Sarajevo | Map

    Architecture, Historical, National Treasure There used to be hundreds of sebiljs (kiosk-shaped public fountains) in Sarajevo, but today the last one is found on Baščaršija Square, where it serves as a major symbol of the city. More

  9. Šeher-ćehajina Ćuprija

    Šeher-ćehajina Ćuprija

    Architecture, Historical, National Treasure, The Bridges of Sarajevo

    Obala Kulina bana, Sarajevo | Map

    Architecture, Historical, National Treasure, The Bridges of Sarajevo Known to Sarajevans as Šeherija, Šeher-ćehajina Ćuprija is located across from Sarajevo Vijećnica and connects Nadmlini on the right bank of the Miljacka and Alifakovac on the left. More

  10. Skenderija Bridge (“the concrete bridge”)

    Skenderija Bridge (“the concrete bridge”)

    The Bridges of Sarajevo

    Obala Kulina bana, Sarajevo | Map

    The Bridges of Sarajevo Skenderija is a concrete bridge that was built in 1969 in order to provide smoother traffic flow between the left and right banks of the Miljacka River, especially near Skenderija Center, which was opened the same year. This cultu... More