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  • Known to Sarajevans as Šeherija, Šeher-ćehajina Ćuprija is located across from Sarajevo Vijećnica and connects Nadmlini on the right bank of the Miljacka and Alifakovac on the left.

    It is presumed that this quadruple-arched stone bridge was built in the middle of the 16th century.

    There is a legend which says that the bridge’s construction was funded by one Alija Hafizadić and another story, known among Sarajevans, says that it was the famous Hajji Husein, who served as šeher-ćehaja (mayor) of the city. It is believed that he died before the bridge was built and when news of his passing reached his son, Mustafa, in Istanbul, he decided that he would return to Sarajevo with his wife and complete the bridge.
    Author Milena Mrazović has written that there is another legend which says that the Ćuprija had a large diamond placed in it. However, not long after the bridge was completed, the diamond disappeared. Pasvandžije (keepers of Čaršija) went from house to house, searching for the culprit, until it was discovered that one young love-struck fellow had stolen it for his girl friend. Convinced of the young man’s great love, a Sarajevo judge pardoned the young man and set him free, but another diamond was never put in the bridge.

    Šeher-ćehajina Ćuprija was made a National Monument of BiH in 2005.

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