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  • The Suada and Olga Bridge is made of concrete and connects Marijin Dvor, on the right side of the Miljacka River, with the neighborhoods of Kovačići and Grbavica on the left.

    During the Ottoman period, there was a wooden structure known as Ćirišhanska Ćuprija (bridge), which took its name after the glue factory (ćirišhana) that was located on the right bank of the river.

    The current bridge was constructed after the Second World War and was one of the first structures to be built in Sarajevo once Bosnia and Herzegovina had become a Socialist Republic. During that time it was called Vrbanja Most (bridge).

    As fate would have it, the incidents that occurred on this bridge actually signaled the end of the socialist period in BiH. On April 5, 1992 two anti-war protesters, Suada Dilberović and Olga Sučić, were killed on this bridge. They are considered the first of many innocent victims of the last war and the bridge now bears their names.

    In 1993 a young couple, known as the Sarajevo Romeo and Juliet, Boško Brkić and Admira Ismić, were also killed on the bridge while trying to escape besieged Sarajevo so that their love would be spared, at any cost, from the senselessness of war.

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