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  • The building for the Serbian Cultural-educational Society (SPKD), Prosvjeta, was designed by Miloš Miladinović and built in 1911.

    With the onset of Austro-Hungarian rule in 1878, the processes of industrialization, modernization of political life and the affirmation of national identities were intensified in BiH. In keeping with this, many nations founded their own cultural-educational societies in Sarajevo, all with the aim of helping students and the poor, and enlightening the masses.

    Such societies had buildings built all over Sarajevo in order to preserve national and cultural traditions, and to serve as visible symbols of religious and national autonomy.

    The Serbian Cultural-educational Society, Prosvjeta, was founded on August 18, 1902 and gathered many intellectuals, including: Petar Kočić, Aleksa Šantić, Jovan Dučić, Jovan Cvijić, Adeline Paulina Irby, Nedo Zec....

    The residential-commercial building, which is the seat of the society’s activities, has Secession-style elements. It changed hands a few times after it was built, and again belongs to Prosvjeta.

    This building has been on the list of National Monuments of BiH since 2009.

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