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  • The village of Sinanovići is located between the mountains, Bjelašnica and Visočica. Located about 50 kilometers from Sarajevo, it's an ideal spot to get away from the bustle of town and enjoy some silence and clean air.

    This lovely place is bejeweled with many freshwater springs, as well as picturesque pastures that are not only full of medicinal plants, but also perfect for hiking and recreational activities, even for those who are not in top form. Not far from Sinanovići, there is the sizeable field, Jelenjača, which is known for the large lake that forms here in autumn, only to disappear again after a few days.

    Given its location, many mountain tour groups pass through Sinanovići on their way to Visočica.

    When visitors need to take a break from exploring this lovely area, they can choose from some of the guest facilities, where they can have coffee, tea and homemade juices, and try some delicious Bosnian specialties, such as pita (burek), fritters, beans, sitni ćevap (veal stew)….

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