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  • About 20 kilometers southeast of the center of Sarajevo, in Gornje Pale at the foot of Mt. Jahorina, is the source of Paljanska Miljacka (1,010 m).

    About 13 kilometers further downstream, the source joins Mokranjska Miljacka at the village, Dovlići, and turns into the Miljacka River, which flows through Sarajevo.

    The area around Paljanska Miljacka is exceptionally beautiful, especially in spring and autumn, when the waters runs deeper and the river course gives rise to waterfalls that cascade over mossy marble blocks.

    The remains of the medieval Gradina Pavlovića are located right above the source, and there is the nearby restaurant, Vrelo Miljacke, with trout straight from the fish farm, along with other specialties, such as fish and national dishes.

    There are also a few rooms available for overnight stays for those who might like to spend some more time in the lovely natural surroundings.

    For more information:

    Restoran Vrelo Miljacke: 057 226 419

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