Belenzuk is a type of traditional jewelry from BiH which has enjoyed a recent surge in popularity.


“Belenzuk" comes from the Turkish word for a circular bracelet, known as a halhala in BiH. For this reason, “belenzuk” is used exclusively when talking about a chain bracelet which consists of two parts – filigree clasps and hand-made chains.
Given their weight and the fairly high costs involved in making them, belenzuks are usually made from silver and only rarely from gold.
The large clasp on a belenzuk may or may not have stone insets, which can be red, blue or green, and they are usually round or else in the shape of a teardrop or diamond.
Belenzuks have always been popular jewelry items among young Bosnian women and are worn on the arm, just above the wrist.
Sarajevo still has filigree masters who can make this lovely type of jewelry. The most famous among them are Muhsin and Nihad Halvo, a father and son team whose shop is located at Gazi Husrev Bey 47. Their shop also bears the Original Sarajevo Quality logo, which guarantees the highest quality for customers.