Made in Sarajevo is a clothing brand that got started as part of the GT Handmade label, apparel made by the Sarajevo company, GreenTon, which makes things from natural materials (wool, cotton, linen and silk) and uses only traditional techniques, like weaving on a wooden loom, knitting, crocheting….


The idea behind the company is to affirm traditional BiH handicrafts by creating clothing and decorative items, fashion accessories, furniture, toys and souvenirs that are beautiful and functional while also meeting the needs of modern life.

Having this in mind, the Remake collection was developed and based on the ponjava, a traditional Bosnian rug that has been turned into modern throw rugs, as well as clothing featuring modern designs, fashion accessories and attractive upholstery, all of which are produced in the GT Handmade workshop.

Amna and Alisa Mujkanović and Erdal Medenčević are behind the idea for the Remake collection and all items are handmade from Bosnian wool, from sheep that have grazed on BiH pastures, and are not treated with any chemicals, all of which makes them environmentally friendly. products are available for purchase at Topal Osman Paše 18a (near Grbavica Stadium), as well as in the shop, Bazerdžan, on Veliki Ćurčiluk 12 in Baščaršija.