Sarajevo Dingbats - Award-winning Sarajevo souvenirs

If you are in search of beautiful and unusual Sarajevo souvenirs, then Sarajevo Dingbats, as designed by the well-known BiH designer, Aleksandra Nina Knežević, could be just what you’re looking for.


Sarajevo Dingbats were first made for an exhibit that was held by Knežević at the 2007 Sarajevo Winter Festival. As a huge fan of the Dingbat font, Aleksandra Nina came up with 64 symbols of the city and turned them into unique Sarajevo fonts.

After the exhibition, the idea of making authentic souvenirs by using the Sarajevo Dingbat motifs was born. The symbols and specially designed city maps can be found on tote bags, bags, postcards, patches, magnets, mugs, pictures, posters….

Sarajevo Dingbats were awarded the top prize – Grand Prix – at this year's annual April 6th Exhibit at Collegium Artisticum. This event is organized by the Association of Artists, Association of Applied Arts and Design and the Association of Architects, and is held in honor of the Day of the City of Sarajevo.

In order to preserve their authenticity, every Sarajevo Dingbats product is produced as a limited edition item, but their designer has announced that new items will be available in the future, so everyone will always be able to find something to suit their taste!

You can purchase these original souvenirs at Gallery Egoist (Trgovke 21).